By Appointment


How did this all start? How are you involved in this business?

Good questions – I’m asked these questions all the time. Potential clients like you want to know that I know that I can handle their projects and finish them with precision and elegance. After all, we are dealing with a piece of jewellery that has so much meaning, not to mention value. It’s a life long remembrance and potentially an heirloom. The magnitude of this isn’t lost on me and I take great pride in ensuring you have what you love.

The beginning…

My father was a watchmaker by tradeMy father is a watch maker by trade. He learned his craft by sitting in his father’s store as a 12 year old child and being taught. At 16, he took over the family business. Many years later, he found himself in Montreal, Canada. Here, he worked as a foreman for the manufacturing plant at a well known watch company, while at the same time, was a business man and owned a jewellery store.

This is where I come in.

Just as my father sat in his father store, learning the business – so did I. From the age of about 13, I would visit the store on weekends and help serve customers. We sold watches, diamond and gemstones jewellery as well as costume jewellery. I learnt about all of them like a sponge, but something seemed to draw me to the diamond jewellery more then anything else. Maybe it was the fact that lots of the work we did was custom made, or that people tended to be buying them at the happiest times in their lives. Exactly what it was, I don’t know – The only thing I did know was that it was fun.

We left Montreal for Toronto when I was about 15 years old, and as such, the jewellery store was sold to our partner. We were coming to Toronto to start a new life and my father’s full time business in the watch wholesale trade. Exciting and scary all at the same time.

At age 23, my father asked me “So, what kind of business are you going to get into?” You see, I come from a very entrepreneurial family. None of my fathers’ siblings work for anyone but themselves. Having me work for someone was not my fathers’ idea of long term goals. I’ve inherited my family entrepreneurship from a young age. I owned and operated a pager business (What the heck was a cell phone?), to importing and selling glow sticks for a year or two while that phase was hot, to using my computer knowledge and skills to build computers for people and sell them for profit. But that was all preparation, in my father’s eyes. Preparation for a business that I would have a passion for and would stick with long term.

I thought – what did I love doing? I thought back to my days in the jewellery store and knew what I wanted to do. So I ran back and told my father. He was happy that I was going for something that was along the family business lines. We hadn’t been involved in the jewellery side of the business for about 7 years (Dad’s business was strictly on the watches side), so where to start? My father made some phone calls for me. The diamond business is notoriously difficult to get into, especially if you don’t own a brick and mortar store. TRUE wholesalers won’t even open their doors for you if they don’t know who you are (I say TRUE because there are lots of people who claim to be wholesalers, selling to the public. These guys are not wholesalers). After all this time, our old contacts in the industry remembered us and opened their doors for my business to start.

From there it grew by word of mouth. I started telling my friends, who told their friends, etc. Now, every client I have, I can trace back to a friend – Pretty neat, huh?

My first sale was in 2001. I’ve been doing this and learning more and more every day about it. The pivotal point for me was when my father asked me about my opinion about what he should get for my mother. The man who taught me all I knew, who gave me the foundation to start my knowledge to build from, was now turning to me for my experienced opinion. Whoa…

Now, here you are – probably referred by either a friend or myself so that you could read more about me and my process. I look forward to extending my proverbial business family tree with a branch that has your name on it.

I will never steer you wrong. I will share my unbiased knowledge with you and help find and create the perfect piece that matches your desires, tastes and budget.

You have my promise,
Deep Mehta